Alice in wonderland

My daily diary

Alone time

The third semester started at my children's school, and finally, I could have alone time after two weeks of winter holidays.

Just sitting on sofa with a cup of coffee in silence makes me feel so relaxed.

I used to live in Helsinki and the place I lived was perfect. From one side of the windows, I could view forests, and the other side baltic ocean. The place was in total silence.

Well, I like going out with my family and friend

and have fun too. But spending small moments of alone time makes me also realize who and what are really important for me to spend time with and for.

But, alone time doesn't last forever.

Deadline of my job is close and so much housekeeping things to do before my kids are back home, etc.

That is life.

Today's quote

Life is a waste of time.

(Let's have fun\(^_^)/)

Good night.