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My daily diary

Bad eyebrows day

Bad hair day.

This phrase is commonly used in everyday conversation. But, as for me, achieving the perfect eyebrow shape is more difficult than making everyday hair style. In many beauty magazines and books, it is said that eyebrows add definition and structure to your face and make the real difference to your look.

There are so many types of shape, too:

thick, slim, soft and high arch, flat, etc.

I don't change the shape everyday and try to make them the same shape as usual. But sometimes the same eyebrows shape doesn't fit right and give a different facial expression. Then, on such a day, I have to spend the whole day feeling a little unsatisfied.

Bad eyebrows day.

Today, I am satisfied with how I've done.

Today's quotes.

A smile is the best makeup a girl could wear.

Marilyn Monroe