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My daily diary

Bad eyebrows day

Bad hair day.

This phrase is commonly used in everyday conversation. But, as for me, achieving the perfect eyebrow shape is more difficult than making everyday hair style. In many beauty magazines and books, it is said that eyebrows add definition and structure to your face and make the real difference to your look.

There are so many types of shape, too:

thick, slim, soft and high arch, flat, etc.

I don't change the shape everyday and try to make them the same shape as usual. But sometimes the same eyebrows shape doesn't fit right and give a different facial expression. Then, on such a day, I have to spend the whole day feeling a little unsatisfied.

Bad eyebrows day.

Today, I am satisfied with how I've done.

Today's quotes.

A smile is the best makeup a girl could wear.

Marilyn Monroe

Need a rest

This weekends, there were a neighborhood event which I had to participate in with my children for all day long and also a parents meeting for my daughter's after school activity.

Besides, I walked about 6km today for a reason: I was meeting with my family at a restaurant for lunch after the meeting and my family was picking me up at some point. But, they were caught in a heavy traffiic jam, so when we finally met I had walked as much of the way to the restaurant. It was about 6km.

It was too cold to wait just standing on the street.

That is why I am totally exhausted today.

So, now I put my mobile away and go to sleep!

Today's quotes

If you get tired, learn to rest. Not to quit.

Good night.

Hey, Moomin. Where are you from?

Today, the National Center Exam was given throuout Japan. In the afternoon, a question asking about the origin of Moomin became a hot topic on the internet.

So, I checked the question.

What I thought after seeing the question was that this is more than the origin of Moomin.

The following is the question:

The question is not just asking the country of its origin. Students also have to choose the country from languages written in the pictures.

Since I lived in Finland, I can tell at first look that "Paljonko se maksaa?" means "How much does it cost?". But the languages of Nordic regions are not familier to many people. So, it must have been a quite annoying question. The example shows a Swedish tale and its language. So maybe, students had to guess the answer from the fact that Swedish and Norwegian have the same roots in Germanic languages

with similar spellings, while Finnish is a completely different language from other nordic countries.

But even students knew the language, if they didn't know the origins of those stories first of all, the only way to answer this question was to guess though....

Well, I was a kind of at a loss to think how much knowledge our children have to have to prepare for those exams in the futute.

My son loves history and researches lots of things by himself and visits castles and warplaces to imagine how samurai and people lived and fought through.

I wish in the future there would be schools which acknowledge each individual's special ability and what each child achieves not only by just a test result.

Today's quote

Because I have a dream, a life is brilliant.


Good night.